The Missing Brazilians

The Missing Brazilians was a one-off from yet another collective of musicians assembled by Adrian Sherwood in the wake of the New Age Steppers and Singers & Players, most notably featuring the input of On-U-Sound co-founder/in-house artist Kishi Yakamoto, who provided most of the keyboards and some of the bass lines.

On their solo LP, 1984’s Warzone, two vocal numbers pop up in the form of “Gentle Killers” featuring Annie Anxiety (ex-Asexuals, collaborator with Crass and countless others) and “Savanna Prance” (featuring wordless singing from Shara Nelson, who would later provide the vocals for Massive Attack’s “Unfinished Sympathy”).

One of the most sonically extreme and intensely experimental sets in the On-U catalogue. Drum machines reverberate in saturated layers of FX and the half-buried melodies emerge from walls of distortion. A unique blend of proto-techno, noise, industrial and dub sounds.

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