Science Fiction Dancehall Classics

Scratch Video Megamix

On-U Sound are proud to unveil an epic 14 minute visual journey through the Science Fiction Dancehall Classics compilation created by Trevor Jackson. Using a mixture of hands-on analogue techniques and modern digital technology, the film stretches and blurs manipulated video, abstract animation & found footage into a trippy, hypnotic interpretation of the music on the album. The attention-to-detail and immersive flow of the edit reward viewing in full.

The end result shows a kind of synaesthesia in play, with the director bringing the same acute eye to the sensory impact as the focussed crate-digging sensibility that was brought to bear on selecting the tracks. By sequencing obscure b-sides alongside canonical classics, and raw unreleased dubs alongside deep album cuts, Jackson charts an alternate history of the label, demonstrating a far more eclectic, messier lineage than it is usually given credit for. The video megamix reflects this on screen – melted aesthetics for melted music.

The director comments: “I’ve made the visuals as a tribute to video techniques of the period the tracks come from, the sort of thing I’d see in clubs and gigs at the time. It’s perhaps not immediate in a fast 21st century YouTube way, but it totally suits the music. Hopefully people will switch the lights off and zone out to it.”

Trevor Jackson’s A-V work has been exhibited at the ICA, Baltic, Guggenheim, Barbican and more. In addition to his weekly radio show on NTS, he has recently released his first album of original material under his own name, entitled FORMAT.

If you’re in Germany, watch it on Vimeo here.

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Direction, Edit, Visual FX by Trevor Jackson

Original Footage produced with Lewis Hackett