Hostile Environment by Creation Rebel is out now.


“Hostile Environment has given the group a new lease of life.” - The Guardian

"A wonderfully upbeat, Sherwood-produced comeback." ★★★★

"This album is a reminder of reggae music's ongoing relevance and legacy, politically and sonically." - 

“This album will be warmly welcomed by On-U Sound and reggae fans everywhere.” -
The Wire

“Heavy but uplifting” - Uncut

“Hostile Environment not only covers the best elements Sherwood and the band previously created, but brings in new ones, bringing it up fully to the current music scene.” - Spill Magazine

"Hostile Environment is a triumphant comeback effort, and it continues On-U Sound's run of late-career highlights from veterans like African Head Charge and Horace Andy." - All Music

Hostile Environment, the first album in 40 years from legendary band Creation Rebel is out now.

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