Doctor Pablo

Pete Stroud, better known as Dr Pablo, hailed from Bourne End near High Wycombe, west of London. He first played the melodica in the school orchestra after being given the instrument as a present by his German aunt, whose chosen instrument was the not-unassociated piano accordion.

As well as featuring on the early Cry Tuff albums, Dr Pablo was an original member of the Dub Syndicate, and was responsible for the haunting melodica and keyboard melodies to be found on other associated contemporary tunes, notably “African Land” by Carol Kalphat and Clint Eastwood, “Frontline Speech” by Prince Far I, and “Dungeon” by Glenn Miller (Wailing Soul). The good Doctor was also seen on countless stage shows with the original Creation Rebel line-ups through the period of the late seventies with live sound mix by Adrian Sherwood.

North of the River Thames, reflecting namesake Augustus Pablo’s East of the River Nile, is the one and only solo album from Dr. Pablo. It first hit the streets in its original vinyl edition in the early Spring of 1984 – although the tracks which constituted the final set were assembled over a number of years prior to their actual release. Amongst the tracks are some incredible dub interpretations of cult TV themes, including “Dr Who” and “Man Of Mystery”.

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